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When your new Aupair arrives

Aupairs, timetable and duty list

Many Aupair Agencies will tell you how important it is to give your Aupair a duty list and a time-table so there is no misunderstanding about their duties and responsibilities. Weplaceaupairs highlights the importance as well. Sometimes families do not realize the importance of giving the Aupair a written timetable which will also include a duty list. Most of the Aupairs  never lived away from home or only lived with friends so there probably was not  a time in their life when they were expected to follow a housework or childcare routine. All the Aupairs have done some housework in their life, some more than others but this is probably a first time in their life when they are getting paid for looking after the house.

What to expect from your Aupair first two weeks??

Weplaceaupairs recommends to spend couple of days with your new aupair to show them the area, children's school, language school, shops, nearest train station or buss stop. Most of the Aupair Agencies state that Aupairs are not Nannies or Housekeepers. Aupairs have some childcare experience, some more than others,  but they will rely on your guidance the first two weeks. Every child is very unique so any tips on how to handle your children will be very welcome by the Aupair. If the Aupair is little bit shy the first couple of days, please encourage them by talking to them and asking them questions. This will give them confidence to talk and not to worry about the mistakes they might make.

When your new Aupair arrives

Our Aupair Agency tries to give as much support as possible to all the host families and also Aupairs.
When an Aupair arrives in the host family, it can be difficult for both of them. Their Aupair Agency should be there to offer them a guidance and help if needed. We always email both, the family and also the Aupair, to find out if all is going well. Our Aupair Agency can give the Aupairs a guidance on language schools and also contact details for other Aupairs which we believe is very important. We recommend that the families choose a language school  which offers courses that will not overlap with the Aupair's timetable.
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