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Aupairs in general

Summer Aupairs from Weplaceaupairs in 2016

Summer is coming and most of us are planning our holidays. The children's school holiday will start on Monday 25th July 2016 (last day at school should be Friday 22nd July 2016) and the school will start again on Monday 5th September 2016. That totals to 6 weeks of no school !! fun for kids but not us parents. Not everybody is lucky enough to have parents who are willing to look after grandchildren for 6 weeks. Majority of parents I met are struggling with childcare during the summer and the spaces in local summer clubs are limited.

How to interview Aupairs

How to interview Aupairs ?? I am sure that everybody has their own technique but what is the most important is that you like the person that you want to employ as they are going to not only work for you but also live in your home. I always say that it's important that the Aupairs is smiley, friendly and keen to work for you, that's always a good start.
When you phone your Aupair first time, you need to assess what is the actual level of their English. Please speak slowly and clearly, and to start with ask only very basic and simple questions

Interviewing Aupairs

Many host families interview the Aupairs via Skype as it is free and allows you to speak to the Aupair and see them at the same time. Many many years ago, before the internet and emails, families could only interview Aupairs on the phone. However these days the interviewing Aupairs is much easier as you can not only interview them on the phone but also via skype where you can see the Aupair whilst speaking to her. Emails also allow families to send Aupairs more information about the duties, responsibilities, free time, in writing, so the Aupair can read all information in their own time. We encourage all our families to send the Aupairs as much information as possible, and interview them not only on the phone  but also via Skype.
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