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Aupairs, timetable and duty list

Many Aupair Agencies will tell you how important it is to give your Aupair a duty list and a time-table so there is no misunderstanding about their duties and responsibilities. Weplaceaupairs highlights the importance as well. Sometimes families do not realize the importance of giving the Aupair a written timetable which will also include a duty list. Most of the Aupairs  never lived away from home or only lived with friends so there probably was not  a time in their life when they were expected to follow a housework or childcare routine. All the Aupairs have done some housework in their life, some more than others but this is probably a first time in their life when they are getting paid for looking after the house. This is why we are highlighting the importance of a written timetable. Every family is very different so an Aupair could be coming from an environment where she only had to do some very light housework such as loading/unloading dishwasher, hoovering, rather than being in charge of cleaning the house. On the other hand you might end up having a girl who is use to cleaning the whole house at home but she will still be uncertain as to what you expect from her. 
When Aupair arrives in your home, she will be very shy and will definitely not be confident enough to take over the household duties automatically when she starts working for you (normally they start working 3rd day after their arrival in the UK).  She probably will not be sure  how your hoover works, or dishwasher, washing machine, and she might be also worried about breaking it. This is when the timetable which includes the duty list is so helpful. Your Aupair Agency should email you a copy or an example of such timetable. Our Aupair Agency emails a template of such timetable which host families can change according their needs.  Aupair can translate it in their own time so all you have to do is show them how the household appliances work, what cleaning product is use for each task and spend the 1-2 days working alongside your Aupair. We all make mistakes so please be patient with your Aupair the first two weeks. Communication is very important so if she makes any mistakes please do tell her and if she forgets to carry out any task, please highlight it in her timetable/work schedule. 
After 2 weeks Aupair should be able to carry out all the domestic tasks according to the timetable and duty list. 
Please note that Aupairs are not Cleaners so they are mainly here to help you out with children and some housework such as hoovering, dusting, tidying up, mopping the kitchen floor, loading/unloading dishwasher, washing, ironing for children, etc. I would not ask the Aupair to start cleaning windows, or cars, doing gardening. 

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