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What are the advantages of having a live-in Aupair ??

The cost of nurseries has dramatically increased over the years so that's why Aupairs are very popular and our Aupair Agency receives manny enquiries regarding Aupairs. These days it's very hard to find a live-out part time childcare, and I am sure that many parents have experienced this. Employing a qualified Nanny can be costly and most of the families cannot afford to pay a full time Nanny. I have been quoted £9-10 per hour!! You might have looked into the cost of putting your child in a nursery and I was myself shocked how expensive this can be. Childminder might be a possibility but again not everybody can afford to pay £6++ per hour and not everybody is comfortable with the idea of having your child staying in somebody else's house. Aupairs have been here for years and many many families have realized the advantages of having a live-in Aupair. 

Employing a Nanny or a Childminder can be costly,and not everybody can afford such costs. Our Aupair Agency in Hertfordshire is always happy to explain the advantages of employing an Aupair.
Firstly the costs are certainly more affordable as the weekly minimum pocket money is £70 a week for 25 hours, or £80 for 30 hours, or £90-100 a week for 35 hours. The pocket money is paid weekly, according to the hours that the Aupair worked. 
Secondly having somebody living in allows you to carry on working during the children's school holidays or when they are not well. Aupairs are expected to be flexible and as long as you pay them accordingly for the extra hours, they will be happy to help you out. 
Thirdly Aupairs can also babysit for you once or twice a week and you do not have to pay them extra for it. 
Fourthly Aupairs come from Europe so many families have taken an advantage of having French, Spanish, German speaker living in their home, and the Aupairs start teaching the children foreign languages.
Fifthly Aupairs not only help with the children but also with some light housework such as hoovering, laundry, loading/unloading dishwasher, keeping the kids rooms tidy, etc. so it is a great feeling to come home from work and just be able to relax rather than running around hoovering, doing the laundry, cleaning.
Aupairs normally work only 5 days a week and they have 2 days  free. It does not always have to be the weekend but most of the girls prefer to have the weekends free. As mentioned earlier Aupairs are expected to be flexible so if you occasionally need the Aupair to work on her day off, that's acceptable. Aupairs cannot share the bedroom with the children so the host family must have a spare bedroom in order to have an Aupair. They will be living as a part of the family so the host family is responsible to provide food. I would not never expect the host family to cook for an Aupair but as long as there is enough food in the house for everybody including the Aupairs, that's sufficient.

Some people might not like the idea of having a stranger living in their home, but please note that you will be given time to get to know your Aupair before inviting her to your home. Aupair should become a friend of the family, so after 1-2 weeks it should feel as you have a friend staying with you and helping you with children and some housework as well.  As Aupair will be working for you, you need to make sure that she fully understands what are the "house rules", her working hours, duties, and free time, to avoid any misunderstanding.

Aupairs are very popular among the families in the UK and over the years we have had many positive calls, emails and letters from our host families who enjoyed having an Aupair living with them. Each and every email, letter and phone call is greatly appreciated. 

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