WEPLACEAUPAIRS  - our Aupair Agency's primary focus is customer satisfaction
  • Mother’s Help is an employee of a family who works on average 40-50 hours a week, 5 days a week and has two full days off  a week (sometimes Mother’s Help works 6 days a week for extra money)
  • Mother’s Help helps the family with childcare, such as school & nursery runs, pre-school and after school childcare, taking children to afterschool activities, helping them with homework, playing with the children, babysitting, simple cooking for children, and they also help the families with some light housework
  • Mother’s Help receives a salary of min £120-170 a week NET minimum, family pays the TAX and the National Insurance Contribution. Please keep in mind that a Nanny already living in the UK would charge you on average £250-300 a week NET so employing a Mother's Help is an affordable childcare solution. Another childcare possibility is dropping off teh children at a Childminder but this can be costly as well as many Childminders can charge of average £6-8 an hour.
  • Mother’s Help lives as a part of the family who provides them with their own bedroom, food and general support during their stay
  • Mother’s Helps receive on average 20-24 days paid holiday a year
  •  Our Au pair Agency offers personal safety as we screen ALL our families
  • 90% of families have had Mother’s Helps from us previously
  • You will be given the full family profile including the photos so you can decide if you are interested in the family, and then we will ask the family to call you and email you as well. Our Au pair Agency always tries to supply as much information about the host family as possible.
  • Once you accept a family, an invitation letter will be send you to avoid any cancellation by the family once the travel arrangement is made
  • Our phones are monitored 365 days a year, 24 hours a day so we are always here for you to help and advice
  • Our Au pair Agency will make sure that the host family will collect you from the airport and support you during your stay
  • Members of our staff will give you guidance on how to apply for a National Insurance Number, and also advice on how to apply for a tax return when you complete your stay and wish to return back to your country.
  • All Mother’s Helps should be given a contract of employment within the first month of employment
  • Host families pay your Tax and also National Insurance Contribution, and you will be given your pay slips every month
  • On completion of your stay you will received a certificate from our agency and also if needed a reference confirming your stay in the UK
  • Our services are totally free for all our Mother’s Helps !!!!!!!!!!
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