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Aupairs are making friends at their local language school. They also meet Aupairs from other Aupair Agencies.
  • Aupair is a young foreign person aged 18 + who works for and lives as a part of the British family who provides them with their own room, food, and general support during their stay
  •  Aupairs receive a weekly pocket money between £75-£100 a week. The minimum pocket money for 25 hours a week is £75. For 30 hours it is £85 and for 35 hours it is £95-100 a week. 
  • Aupairs work 25-35 hours a week + twice a week babysitting, and they normally have two full days off a week (usually weekends). Aupairs can work longer than 35 hours a week for extra pocket money.
  • Aupairs help the families with childcare, school runs, pre-school and after school childcare, babysitting, simple cooking for children, and they also help the families with some light housework
  •  Aupairs in their free time attend language school (on average twice a week or even more depending on their free time), make friends with other au pairs or just explore the United Kingdom Aupairs
  • Aupairs pay for the travel cost to come to England and also pay for the cost of the language classes
  • Aupairs normally get 2-4 weeks paid holiday a year
    All Aupairs placed through our Aupair Agency can attend language classes and prepare for EFL exams. It is the responsibility of the Aupair Agencies to help the family or the Aupair to find a local language school.
    • Your personal safety as our Au pair Agency screen our families
    • 90% of families have had Au pairs from us previously
    • You will be given the full family profile including the photos so you can decide if you are interested in the family, and then we will ask the family to call you and email you as well
    •  Our phones are monitored 365 days a year, 24 hours a day so we are always here for you to help and advice
    • Members of our staff are ex Au pairs who successfully place 800 Aupairs every year
    •  Our Au pair Agency will make sure that the host family will collect you from the airport and support you during your stay
    • After your arrival we will help with the choice of language school and also introduce you to other local au pairs
    • Most of the Aupairs attend language school 2-3 times a week and during your au pair stay you will be able to take exams through University of Cambridge, see http://www.cambridgeesol.org/exams/index.html
    •  On successful completion of the exam you will receive a worldwide recognised certificate issued by University of Cambridge
    • On completion of your stay you will received a certificate from our Au pair Agency and also if needed a reference confirming your Aupair stay in the UK
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